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     Photo Contests

    Informal photo competitions are held semi-regularly.  Anybody (registered members) can enter & everybody can vote for their favourites.  This is a great way to share some of your best photos & enjoy those that others have taken!


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    Oct winning image
     Oct - Sept 2012 Photo Contest Winner was O2banRRT (22 votes).
     .  "It was early morning ~6 am (the EXIF data is wrong in case you check), the sun was just rising and there was still mist coming off the water. I took a series of 5 photos varying the exposure for each slightly and combined the photos giving the result you see here.  Here is a larger version of the photo: http://wwccphotos.smugmug.com/Canoeing2 ... 1991009716


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    And here is Smokey's photo with 19 votes.  This was " Taken late evening on Evelyn Lake in the Chiniguichi area in June on a solo trip. Was sitting on the bank of the lake reading and happened to glance to my right and liked the play of light on the pines and grasses. Taken with Canon Powershot SX120 and no post photo processing.


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    ......from Paul Mason....a movie on Canoe Eddy Turns.  Thanks Paul!!



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